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Simply Geniusİ  Personal Computers of America
We are proud to present Simply Genius© , The most complete automotive business software in the industry.


The Inspiration for Simply Genius©

The    founder    of    Personal    Computers    of    America,    Robert    Ginsberg, starting   at   8   years   old   grew   up   working   in   the   family   automotive   repair     business in Reseda, California. With   each   year   more   responsibility   was   delegated   to   Robert   and   by   age 11   he   began   performing   the   daily   accounting   and   weekly   payroll   of   the very busy and successful business.   At   age   18,   Robert   attended   California   Polytechnic   University   in   San   Luis Obispo   and   double   majored   in   Electronic   Engineering   and   Computer Science.               The   departure   from   the   business   during   the   school   year created   an   issue,   as   Robert’s   father   didn’t   want   to   rely   on   anyone   else   to do   the   accounting   and   paying   Robert   was   much   cheaper.      This   resulted in   Robert   making   frequent   weekend   drives   to   and   from   college   to   catch up on the accounting responsibilities. As   a   busy   full-time   college   student,   the   motivation   to   come   up   with   a solution   allowing   Robert’s   father   to   do   the   accounting   and   payroll   tasks became high priority. The   tool   had   to   be   so   simple   that   a   person   with   no   previous   computer experience and with little time and patience would actually use it.  Thus,   in   1986   the   birth   of   Auto   Genius, ©       which   later   evolved   into   Simply Genius, ©  the current Windows graphic software solution.
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