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We are proud to present Simply Genius© , The most complete automotive business software in the industry.


Personal Computers of America

Developers of Simply Genius© 

Since    1986    Personal    Computers    of    America    has    been    developing software   systems   that   have   become   the   industry   leader,   the   benchmark   in features, ease of use, and affordability.  Simply   Genius ©    our   fully   integrated   business   software   solution,   is   built for    the    quick    and    demanding    needs    of    a    high-volume    point-of-sale environment   with   flexibility   and   ease   of   use   that   is   unparalleled.      Our software   includes   fully   integrated   accounting   including   payroll   with   on- site training, data conversion, installation, and personal service.  Simply Genius ©  is the perfect software solution for your business. Please   allow   us   an   opportunity   to   demonstrate   how   our   product   can provide    the    tools    to    smoothly    manage    your    business    and    help    your      business grow.

Simply Genius© 

Designed    for    the    Automotive Repair      and      Tire      Industry. Extremely   simple   to   use   point of     sale     system     with     fully integrated accounting.
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